Do you have a room for your little one that needs a little help in the styling department? 

Kids rooms should be functional, encourage play and look great at the same time!

We aren't into completely removing all of your little persons things in order to create an instagram worthy room, but rather, taking what you've already got (including their much loved bits and bobs) and adding pieces here and there and putting it all together in a way that is both pleasing to the eye and enjoyable for the child.

Our styling starts with a consultation, either in home or online. We discuss themes, wants, needs, colours, budget and your child's personality to determine two potential looks. 

From here, you will be provided with two different concepts for your room with mood boards and links to products to purchase.

If you are confident in putting the room together yourself given the concept provided, that's all you need!  

The cost of this service is $300

Should you want a little help with the install of the room, which can be the most difficult part

if you are in Sydney we provide a room install and final design consult, the price for this service is quoted to you when you receive your mood boards and buying guide.

With this service we are onsite at your home and will build any flat packs, hang shelves, hang artwork and style the room so it is completed.

Done! Easy!

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss our services.

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